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Men's Guide To Prostate Pills and Supplements

What Every Man Needs to Know About Prostate Health

Find Out What Works & What Doesn't!

Having a healthy prostate is something every man wants. No one wants to go through the pain and suffering that comes with an enlarged prostate. Nothing is worse than constantly being on the lookout for a bathroom, or getting up several times a night to go to the bathroom, or standing in front of a urinal with nothing happening or the embarrassment that comes with being with friends or others and not making it to the bathroom in time!

Choosing a smart strategy the try and keep your prostate as healthy as possible for as long as possible require the right information. You will discover here on our website that proper diet, proper exercise and proper supplementation are three key factors in keeping your prostate healthy. Every man wants to have a healthy prostate. We all want to not even have to think out our prostate, and we all wish we knew which pill where the ones to take.

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Which Pill Is Right For You?

There are so many ads and claims it can be confusing. So this website will help to take away the confusion and tell you what you can come to expect from certain ingredients and prostate products. Knowledge is a powerful weapon in the battle to keep your prostate healthy, so hopefully this website can give you the knowledge to make informed decisions about your prostate health strategy.


7 Most Important Steps to a Healthier Prostate

seven_steps_imageIn this section we identify the smart strategies you can adopt to keep your prostate as healthy as possible for as long as possible. We identify the best advise from experts at many of the nations leading universities, from well know prostate researchers, from clinical studies and health newsletters and journals.

There are a number of don’t and don’t to keeping your prostate health. Some are obvious – others are surprising. Make sure you read this sections and for update sign up for our free newsletter where we send you the most important prostate news and updates in a timely fashion.

  • Is wine good for your prostate or bad?
  • Should you get a PSA test?
  • Is Beta Sitosterol REALLY that great for your prostate? What do the studies report?
  • Soy and Green Tea – Are they over-rated or under rated? All they all the same?
  • Get the answers to these questions and much, much more!

Smart Prostate Solutions

smart solutions
Smart guys look for smart ways to deal with situations. You are on this website because you are seeking information to either help you with a current prostate problem or you are looking to take the necessary steps to prevent prostate problems in the future. Information is power and this section we identify some great products and sources that we believe can play a vital role in your prostate health.

Find out about a variety of products other than supplements that can help you to achieve your prostate health goals.

Prostate Scams Exposed

scam-2Unfortunately there are a number of scams in the prostate industry that can easily dupe most men out their hard earned money. But what is really bad about these scams it not the money you stand to lose – but the opportunity cost and time you can lose – time that you will never get back –on worthless products that do nothing for you. No only do you lose your money, but more importantly you are not getting the prostate care you were setting out to get.

Here are just a few of the scams we identify. There are many more that we cover. Also, make sure you sign up for our free newsletter which will keep you up today on the latest, greatest and most important prostate health news, including scams to avoid.

  1. Dishonest store owners – did you know there are some health food stores that intentionally sell counterfeit supplements of leading brands? You think you are buying a product but you are really buying a worthless counterfeit usually made in China?
  2. Super Beta Prostate TV Commercial – You have seen the ad with former Redskins star quarterback Joe Theismann . In the TV commercial a actor pretends to be a doctor, he is even dressed up in a lab coat and identified on screen as a doctor – but it’s a fraud. Wait until you see the court documents on this sleazy marketing practice.
  3. Zero ingredients - Did you know some of the brands of prostate pills at the nations biggest drugstores are actually worthless powder? It’s true – our lab tests prove it. Find out all about this scam.
  4. Low Testosterone Clinics – Find out how some of these clinics that offer to help you maintain prostate health are actually putting your health in jeopardy! You have to know about this.
  5. Prostate Patch Scam – Millions of letters are being mail out to men around the world each month for a product called the prostate patch. Find out why this is another marketing gimmick that will not help your one bit!
  6. Beware of deadly sex pills! Did you know that many of the herbal erectile improvement pills sold are actually secretly laced with dangerous analogues of drugs? It’s true. We tell you how to spot them and avoid them – they have killed hundreds of men in America alone. You need to read this.

Lab Reports

  • The regulations in the natural supplement industry are still very loose. As a result there is a dramatic difference between the quality of products. Some companies use top ingredients while others use worthless powders. One of the factors that make our website and review so popular and well-respected is that we are the only review site that goes to the effort and expense to have products tested. It’s the only way to REALLY know what is in a product. You will be shocked at some of the well know national companies that failed miserably!


  • What's Really In Your Prostate Supplement

    As a result of all the publicity that natural prostate products have generated, the market has been flooded with over 400 prostate supplements which promise to help men with prostate problems. They range from the brilliant to outright scams or frauds. In this section of our guide we have taken 21 of the more well known prostate products to give you an idea of where they stand.

    Since we are all familiar with letter grades, awarding an A,B,C,D or F for the most popular prostate supplements like Prostavar, Prosvent, Prostate 5XL, and Prostalex Plus would instantly let you know what you could expect from each.


  • Update: Super Beta Prostate Class Action Lawsuit


    Doctor From Super Beta Prostate Commercial is a FAKE!

    Lawsuit Exposes All!

  • Book Review: Testosterone for Life by Dr. Abraham Morgantaler

    Layout 1

    One of the hottest topics men everywhere are talking about is testosterone. The ads for testosterone clinics are everywhere. Class action lawyers are recruiting men who have been injured by testosterone to join lawsuits. But what is the straight scoop? What does the latest research say? Are injections safe? Who really needs them? Can you trust these centers you see popping up all over the country? What about natural ways to boost your testosterone? What works and what doesn't? This is a fantastic book and is highly recommended! You can get it at most bookstores nationwide, or Harvard's online book store. Grab a copy today!

  • Book Review: Penis Power by Dr. Dudley Danhoff

    3d-penis-book-1Funny name and clever book cover are just a few of the delights this fanstatic book offers. Written by Dr. Dudley Danhoff, found of Tower Urology, the national largest and most successful urology practice based at Cedars Sinai in Los Angeles. Dr. Danhoff has a star-studded group patients. He is a graduate of Princeton and Yale Medical School - and he must have taken some comedy classes somewhere along the line, because this masterpiece is not only incredibly informative, practical, interesting, but it also hilarious! We give Penis Power our highest praise and endorsement. It might be at your local bookstore, though it is not as widely distributed as Testosterone For Life. Your best bet is to order it on Amazon or directly from Dr. their website at 7738965898 8257100654
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Scams Exposed

Unfortunately there are a number of scams in the prostate industry that can easily dupe most men out their hard earned money. Read More

Smart Solutions

Find out about a variety of products other than supplements that can help you to achieve your prostate health goals. (831) 856-2811